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This is the home page for Roulette System software. To access the software, visit

The software is used to analyze and utilize roulette wheel patterns including but not limited to traditional “advantage play” methods such as visual ballistics (basic) and bias analysis.

About the software FREE VERSION: `

While I still teach them more as an introduction, traditional visual ballistics and bias analysis methods are far more time consuming, much less effective, and much more difficult to fund suitable wheels for than what I teach. I therefore provide them free of charge:

Bias Analysis: This is the basics of the advance bias analysis techniques I teach. It is an uncensored PART of the Primordials document. The primordials document is essentially the very basics of what I teach – the introduction only. As a player, it is the first but far from the last thing you receive.

Visual Ballistics Roulette System: I regularly conduct public demonstrations of my techniques and technology. As my thankyou to attendees, I teach them some basic visual ballistic techniques. Click the link to download the audio from one of my public seminars.

The free version of the software can be used to assist these techniques. Attend a public demo to be taught in person.

About the Player-only version:

This version is available only to players, for roulette wheel analysis and custom variant generation. It provides far greater capabilities than the free version, and enables players to analyze and utilize pattern types beyond that of traditional advantage play techniques.

Essentially the software is the heart of the methods. Without it, correct application of theadvanced methods are not possible. The advanced methods are not taught by anyone else. This software and what it does is only available on this site.

To protect sensitive information, there are varying levels of access to the software, even for players. Although once trust is established, players are introduced to more powerful methods and capabilities of the software.

Free tools and recommended websites:

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How to win roulette (best and worst methods:

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Additional Free tools for players:

  • Free Roulette Computer (Basic version explained at
  • Free access to player forum where information about specific casinos and wheels, and most suitable techniques are shared
  • Online casino bot software: make bets at online casinos automatically
  • Video footage of modern wheels for practise
  • Mobile phone software to analyze any wheel to check for casino countermeasures, including but not limited to the Latest Cammegh RRC, and automated wheels.

In development is mobile phone software that will enable automated application of full custom variants (full wheel analysis) with bets before ball release, so that even inexperienced players can achieve the same results as experienced players.

These free tools and our advanced methods are available nowhere else. To learn more, see the sites below:

Roulette Physics System

Standard Roulette Computer

Hybrid Roulette Computer

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